Aare Asber

CEO / board member / partner

E-mail:   Tel: 55 529 590
  • Certified construction engineer, level 7
  • Licensed passive house consultant
  • Construction of buildings TTK, 2006
  • Civil and Building Engineering TalTech

Aare has been involved in construction for a long time, starting with collecting construction knowledge already in Järvamaa Vocational Education Center. As a logical continuation of the engineering education, Aare began to study in TTK University of Applied Sciences, in parallel with which he started practicing as an operating engineer. After graduating from TTK, Aare has completed several master’s degree courses and has participated in numerous other in-service training courses. Aare is a skilled and practical civil engineer, who also carries out sophisticated engineering tasks. A certified construction engineer`s profession proves his remarkable development and increase in competences. Aare is the CEO of ACTO Consult OÜ and he gives his engineering and practical contribution to most of the company's projects and works. You can contact him with any professional question and he is always able to find an answer or a hint for an answer.

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