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OÜ Acto Consult

Registry code: 11039382

KMKR: EE100955385

Mustamäe tee 55, 10621 Tallinn

Tel: 6 644 800

55 529 590

55 672 027


Bank account: EE097700771001237334 LHV

Registries in the economic activity register:

EEP000074 Designing
EEK000021 Audit of construction work
EPE000019 Building design expert assessment
EEO000064 Owner supervision
EEG000008 Construction surveying
FPR000166 Designing, construction and maintenance of fire safety
TEL000090 Electrical works
EEH000127 Construction
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The National Heritage Board activity license:

E 417/2009-P Heritage conservation. Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consulting.


Entry of officially certified experts in list:

Officially certified expert Margus Sarmet; construction technical expertise (design and supervision of buildings, quality of buildings, construction technology, evaluation of the technical condition of buildings, construction contracts and construction procurement). See more from


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OÜ ACTO Consult | Mustamäe tee 55, 10621 Tallinn | e-mail: | tel: 6 644 800; 555 29 590