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Hea koostööpartner! Oleme kolinud mugavamatesse ruumidesse Mustamäe tee 55, Tallinn, tule meile külla!
Hea koostööpartner! Oleme kolinud mugavamatesse ruumidesse Mustamäe tee 55, Tallinn, tule meile külla!

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Would you like to get professional engineering and architectural services, all from one place and with little effort? Do you assume high level of expertise, efficiency and helpfulness?
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About us: ACTO Consult OÜ is an engineering and architectural design office from 2004 with owners and driving forces being professionals working in this sector every day. We have designed and consulted a wide range of projects over the years: from family homes to apartment buildings and from kindergartens to industrial buildings, in addition to the plenty of buildings between them. Each project is unique, as well as every customer. At the same time, the laws of nature apply to everybody and most of the customers have a common understanding about high requirements for architecture, building economics and energy efficiency. Planning and designing have meaning only when the owner can be proud of the outcome for decades!

Prerequisites for a successful project:

  • The customer knows what he wants! If the customer does not exactly know what he needs, then it is wise to spend more time to figuring out the customer`s target at the beginning of the project and not to spend a lot more money later redesigning the solutions or even worse – redesigning the whole building. We will be happy to help to specify the terms of reference.
  • Usually, it is not a building per se that is the aim. Buildings are designed to meet a certain functionality, be it living, teaching children, carrying out trial process or specific production. Therefore, the building must be designed based on its functionality and not just to be forced into a lush envelope.
  • Building is an art of making compromises about how to find an appropriate solution with acceptable costs. The last time to think about this ideological conflict is in the design phase. We are glad to help!
  • Building is also an art of cooperating which means that good or excellent results will only materialize if all parties, including the contracting authority, the designer, the builder, the supervisor, the consultants, experts, etc. contribute to it and can also see a larger purpose - meeting the aim of the customer and achieving functionality - behind their own work. You are welcome to ask for help - let's make the effective co-operation work!
Prerequisites for a successful project

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