Ragnar Luigand


Project engineer

E-mail:    Tel: 52 54 541
  • Construction engineer, level 6
  • Road engineer, level 6
  • Construction of buildings TTK, 2014
  • Construction of roads TTK, 2016

Ragnar is a talent of a new generation in ACTO, solving all information technology issues with flying colors. Everything that can be done by a computer does not have to be done by a person! Ragnar has both a civil engineer and a road engineer education, making him a particularly versatile and useful specialist as it enables him to contribute to the interaction of our surrounding environment in a much better way. Ragnar's strengths are fast thinking and even faster performance, as well as high productivity. In his free time, Ragnar also loves fast and powerful machines and is happy to turn the steering wheel in the race track.

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