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Design includes the architectural and engineering design of the building, in which the solution to the exterior of the building, functionality and technical performance is found. A well thought out and thoroughly prepared construction project is a prerequisite for the construction of a satisfactory building that meets user's needs.
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Owner supervision and project management

Owner supervision is a compulsory and competent control that protects the interests of the contracting authority over construction activities, the purpose of which is to ensure the construction of a safe and construction of a building with the desired quality. Project management is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a project's success.
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Expertise and audit

Expert assessment of a building is an impartial evaluation of the performance of a building or the identification of possible structural errors. An audit of the building will provide an assessment of the compliance of the building with the requirements and therefore, the audit can be used, for example, in the authorization procedure for certifying the safety of a building if the construction documents have not been completed or have not been preserved.
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