Engineering design involves a technical solution to the vision of a building created by an architect so that the building would actively carry out the intended features and serve the user for a long time. This includes the designing of building structures, energy efficiency planning of a building, designing heating, ventilation and cooling systems, designing water and sewerage systems, designing an electrical, low voltage and automatic systems and designing roads and squares surrounding the building, which can be accompanied with many specific technical systems. The specifics of the construction engineering specialties are extensive, and today's systems are complex. Therefore, only the expert who is specialized in this particular field should work with it. It is also important to ensure that the systems work together effectively so that they do not work against each other and take each other into account. Although engineering systems are typically hidden for the eyes of the user skillfully, these systems form a very significant part of the cost of a building, they immediately give notice if something does not work well and can either save in the long run or cause very high costs during service life. Therefore, the competent construction projects of engineering components are an indispensable prerequisite for the economical and enjoyable use of the construction for decades. Appropriate and skillful construction and adjustment can only take place under the guidance of a specialized engineering expert.

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