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  • Architectural design is the initial task of all other designing works. Architectural design must primarily address the customer's functional and technological needs, whether it be a well-designed spatial program, an efficient layout of the production line, the logistical accessibility of the building part or the attractive and inviting nature of the service or trade area of the building in the urban environment. All the above must be packed in an aesthetic form by the architect and enable engineers to build energy efficiently and the building to be conveniently equipped with technical systems. Although the first stages of architectural design may seem like playing with blocks, it must be taken very seriously because the errors made in this phase are later extremely expensive, if not impossible, to correct. What's the worst - a systematic mistake can be passed on to the operation period of the building and be cumbersome and costly for decades. An excellent building will always begin with a well-functioning cooperation between a competent and flexible architect and a customer who is aware of his needs.

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