Owner supervision is a compulsory and competent protective control by contracting authority over construction activities aimed at ensuring the construction of a safe and high-quality building. Owner supervision engineer systematically monitors the entire construction process, participates in the documentation of construction activities, in reviewing the covered works and in reception of the building. Owner supervision engineer protects the customer in the construction process, to ensure the quality of construction and to avoid possible additional costs. The contractor, usually not the construction expert, can always ask for a neutral opinion from owner supervisor and to find the best technical solution. Owner supervision engineer is the owner's professional representative and customer's primary advisor on the construction site.

Owner supervision is not a tedious and expensive additional duty to the contractor, but a primary competent assistant and an advisor to rely on in the construction process. Therefore, it is certainly wise to choose the owner supervisor from those who can and are willing to co-operate with both the contractor and the builder and realize that the purpose of the construction work is to complete a high quality, timely and satisfactory building that meets the customer's needs.

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