A project is a set of targeted activities and the project manager is an expert who ensures that the objective specified in the definition will be achieved. The project manager is undoubtedly one of the key players in terms of project success, whose professional competencies and personal qualities are crucial to the success of the project. Unfortunately, the fact is that classical project management has not justified itself in the field of construction for decades and it is a great achievement if the project is completed by the deadline set at the beginning of the project and stays within the budget.  Therefore, IPD or the integrated project development model has now been introduced. Its proficient use will be able to complete the building not only on time and on budget but is also able to achieve economies of scale both in time and in money during the construction period and to employ innovative solutions that increase the value of the building. In the case of an IPD project, all contractors involved in the construction work as one team for a common goal, thus achieving much more than each of them working individually. IPD is an innovative but highly effective project management method if the people involved can get of old habits! IPD could be the solution if you want to finish your construction project before the deadline, within the target cost and to enjoy the benefits of the completed building for decades. Why not?

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