Expertise of the construction work

Things do not always go as planned and sometimes it may lead to a dispute between the parties. You need an expertise of the construction work, if you are in a civil or insurance dispute, lawsuit or some other proceeding and you need to order an independent assessment from an impartial expert. Only nationally recognised expert has the right to conduct such expertise and the whole process is regulated by the Forensic Examination Act.

The expert assessment in the proceedings is usually needed by:

  • the court
  • Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
  • Estonian Rescue Board
  • The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority, local municipality
  • insurance provider

You can also order an expertise on your own initiative, when you have a dispute coming up with a client, employee, neighbour or insurance company. It helps the parties to better understand what has happened and reach an agreement. If agreement is not reached, the court will determine an expert from the list of nationally recognised experts.

The key person of ACTO Consult Margus Sarmet is a nationally recognised expert who has the right to conduct the expert assessment of the construction work. The list of nationally recognised experts is held by the Estonian Forensic Science Institute (

Choose an expert who is professional and experienced, on whose assessment you can rely on and whose opinion matters!

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