Expertise of the design

The purpose of the expertise of the design is to provide an impartial assessment on whether the design of the construction work is in compliance with the requirements, to preventatively find (small) mistakes in the design and to be convinced in the safety of the building that will be built according to the design, thereby giving a sense of security to the public. In the course of the expertise of the design it is possible, with relatively little effort, to find mistakes in the design, the correction of which in an already erected building or during the building work may be very expensive or even impossible. At the same time, removing the mistakes found in the designing phase is easy and cheap.

When conducting an expertise, we pay attention to the following:

  • whether the design corresponds with the plans and requirements for the design
  • whether the design is in compliance with valid legal acts and standards
  • whether the design complies with the initial task of the client
  • whether the solutions and systems are functional and fulfil their purpose in the best possible way
  • whether the technical solutions are reasonable, purposeful and optimal from the standpoints of both, building and utilising the building

Order the expertise of the design from people who know their field and you will save a lot of time, money and nerves, during the building period as well as the whole service life of the building.

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