As an owner and client, it is clever for you to choose a real professional who is competent in their field and able and willing to cooperate with all the parties to perform the owner oversight. In the end, everyone is working for the same goal – that a high-quality building would be ready in time and the building work would remain within the limits of the budget.

The task of the owner oversight engineer is to be a professional helper for the client on whom the client can rely during the building process. Even more – the person performing owner oversight is the best friend and counsellor throughout the whole building period, and even better, if already during the period of design. Owner oversight must be of help and support for the design and building to come out purposeful and with high quality, not to impede that goal. At the same time, possible mistakes of the designer and builder should get stuck in the “filter” of the performer of the owner oversight. According to our working methods this does not mean a bothersome and expensive additional obligation but a meaningful support and good counsellor for the client.

Engineer performing owner oversight:

  • observes the whole building process and compares the plan with reality
  • observes the following of the construction design on the building site, fulfilment of different requirements and safety of the building process
  • takes part in documenting and forming acts about the building work
  • takes part in the inspection of covered works
  • takes part in acceptance of the construction work and applying for the building permit

Owner oversight represents the owner in the building process and protects the interests of the client regarding both, the quality of the building and possible additional costs. As a client you can always ask impartial advice and opinion from our specialist to find the most optimal and suitable technical solution.

The team of ACTO Consult understands the inside of both, design and building, in-depth, and therefore we are able to be an efficient partner for you, if you need a professional owner oversight that protects the interests of the client.

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