Want to plan a building and need an architectural design?

The task of the architect is to solve the functional and technological needs of the client, for example:

  • attractiveness and accessibility of the building
  • functional and logical room program
  • logistics of production and transport
  • attractiveness and inviting looks of the service area in the cityscape
  • primary principles of energy effectiveness, appropriate location on the plot and in relation to the cardinal points

The more precisely you can describe your needs as a client, the better! Our role is to ask you the right questions in order to dig ourselves to the core of your actual needs. Only in that way really efficient architectural solutions are born.

An architect gives an aesthetical form to the building and creates the prerequisites for the engineers to put the building up in an energy efficient and economic way and equip it with utility systems. The architectural project is the basis for all the following engineering work.

Although the first stages of architectural design (the sketch of the design) may seem like playing with the toy blocks, it needs to be taken seriously. Namely here a value for decades is being created. A mistake made in this stage is extremely expensive to fix later on. A systematic mistake may also carry on into the service time of the building, cause trouble and demand expenses for decades. Our goal is to create value already in the phase of sketching the design and avoid mistakes caused by rushing and lack of information, which may, in a longer perspective, damage the building.

We offer you a good cooperation with a competent and flexible architect who knows the specificity of the structures and special parts of the building but who can, nevertheless, already from the beginning, consult with the right competent engineers as well. The first stages of planning the building, like the initial task, sketch and preliminary design, to a large extent, determine the fate of the whole building for the following decades. Rushing or cutting back in this phase painfully pays back for decades. We take your wishes and needs as a departure point and add professionalism and experience to it – that kind of a combination guarantees the best results for many years.

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